Seminars & Conferences

As one of the UK’s most prolific and long-standing Chinese medicine educators I have built up an extensive repertoire of seminars and workshops at both undergraduate and post-grad levels.

My first presentation was in 1985 on chengyao - prepared herbal medicines and was based on material I had translated.

Extensive presentation experience over the last 20 years in the UK and EU has helped me hone my skills to a good level.

I offer many different seminars ranging from 20 minutes to a few days - and even whole courses! 

Participant feedback from my sessions is rarely short of excellent so word of mouth means they book up well and there is often a waiting list for some sessions.

I am one of the UK’s most prolific seminar speaker doing numerous “gigs” each year.

I feel that the best learning happens by stealth - when the session is stimulating and enjoyable so I use humour, graphics, political incorrectness and a touch of silliness to make things work well.



Who Invented Bagang - 8 Principles? 
Difficulty  to

acu/chm 0.5-1hr 5-200 2009
A brisk and lively journey charting the milestones in the development of Bagang from pre-Han dynasty to today

“Your bagang talk was a highpoint for me in Rothenburg this year” Arya Nielson (NY- USA) , by email.

Refreshing our Needle Technique 
* to *** acu 1 or 2 days 10-24 2005/30+ 

Reviews & refreshes all aspects of basic modern acupuncture technique.
Opens with needling as taught in TCM training in China. Moves on to more advanced techniques of qi propagation and other advanced techniques such as "burning mountain fire needling". Roughly 50% of time spent on needling practice, the rest is presentation, video and using practice pads.
I have presented this session 30+ times in the UK and Europe.
This “best seller” seminar always gets good feedback:

  • difficult to find fault - both content and presentation were excellent.
  • The style is great - helpful and informative and easy to listen too.
  • An excellent presentation - very clear and concise
  • Charlie's easy rapport with the group was the best thing - his confidence without being super-egotistical.
  • good powerpoint and video demos of the different needling techniques
  • the balance between theory and practical was perfect - most seminars err on the theoretical and leave you interested but unable to apply in practice - the practical bias on this day made it extremely valuable

Herb Pair Dynamics 
***to **** chm 6hrs 10-50 2001/6
This session aims to deepen understanding of herb dynamics and interactions.
We look at the various classical rules of herb combining illustrated with general examples and translated material unavailable elsewhere from a detailed Chinese source.
Participants have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the ways of thinking and terminology employed by Chinese physicians ancient and modern in herb combining.

  • Dear Charles Thank you for your handout - and for the nice perspective of herb pairs. That makes me wake up in my rusty herb thinking. - Strange feeling: II have improved with no effort - like wine - nice feeling.a beautiful summer . Joachim Hauser, (Chair of Danish TCM association)

What the hell are the mysterious mansions? (New!)
*** - **** chm 0.5-1 hr 5-200
Explains the origins, meaning and application of xuan-fu theory to TCM thrill seekers. This concept has evolved quietly since its first mention in the Suwen. The Jin dynasty physician Liu Wan-su revived it as part of his Hejian school/style and it has gradually matured since. A super-hot topic in modern China it is considered especially important in sense organ and shen problems as well as at the refined end of general medicine. Internet searches in English will come up blank on this top secret stuff, but in Chinese we find that numerous papers have been published. This session is based on the presenter’s interpretations of qiji and couli theory mixed with translations of contemporary reviews of xuanfu theory by Chinese experts.

Moxa & Cupping Magic 
** - *** acu 6 hrs 2006/3 

Aims to review and enhance understanding of moxa & cupping using mixed lecture, powerpoint videos and practicals, 11 page moxa handout, 5 page cupping handout. requirements include data projector treatment couches, general moxa & cupping equipment, fire safety & ventilation considerations. I provide some equipment. Full requirement list available on request..

Feedback: NCA York 2006 - 94% rated as good or excellent 
A shorter practical session of 1.5 hours minutes focusses on "thunderfire needling" a really wonderful early Ming dynasty moxa treatment...

How do Masters Become Masters? 
**-***** acu/chm 6hrs 10-30 2008/3
This session aims to define mastery in Chinese medicine and identify the learning and skills that traditional masters have that we might aspire to; alsohow we can more knowingly begin to acquire them in a way that is also authentically our own. Apart from discussing traditional skills expected of master practitioners we looks at contemporary clinical skills based on NLP; rapport, belief, gaining compliance, plus insights drawn from studies of skilled biomedical doctors.

“a wide-ranging, intelligent, thought -provoking seminar - it will stay with me."
"The only 7 hour seminar in which I’ve not felt like going to sleep!” PP
“thoughtful, inspiring on the ways to improve my clinical practice” - RN,
interesting and always relevant.
Honest and sincere delivery with good humour. Lots of wit with the wisdom. GH
Charlie was tackling a very important topic which needs exposure both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Really glad I came - I feel inspired again!.EI 



Fertility Seminars 
**-**** acu/chm 10-100 1995-09
A collection of seminars on a range of issues related to fertility that together formas very full 2 day seminar based on an update and synthesis of my teaching and personal study materials from the pervious 2½ decades during which fertility has been a major speciality in my practice.
Can be split into stand-alone sections that can be mixed & matched:

  • biomedicine and fertility
  • Female hypofertility differentiation and treatment-chm or acu
  • BBT chart interpretation
  • Artificial Cycle by TCM, adapting treatment by cycle phase/ART support by acu chm
  • “Biomedical issues”; PCOS, Endo, LUFS, etc.of habitual & acute miscarriage (mainly chm)
  • male fertility - differentiation and treatment
  • IVF support

These sessions vary between 1.5 hrs & 1/2 day.

Treatment of Cancer Patients with CHM acu
***-**** acu/chm 6+ hrs 10-100 1993/30+
Provides an overview of the modern TCM approach to the treatment of cancer patients. Includes overview of WM understanding and classification of cancer and recent developments in understanding of cancer cell biology. Outline of modern “TCM” view of aetiology and pathology and generalised differentiation. Treatment of side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, supporting zheng qi to improve survival time and quality of life, a look at the pharmacology of some of China’s prime “anticancer” medicinals. Of necessity this seminar has some biomedical component. acu and chm versions are offered. Gets excellent feedback.


Cutting through complexity 
***-**** 3-6 hrs acu/chm 10-60 1998/6
Explores historical approaches to complex “knotty disorders taking in historical styles such as those of: Zhang Zhong-jing, Li Gao, Zhu Dan-xi, Zhang Jie-bin, etc. Separate versions for acu and chm.
is the secret that cannot be taught
**-**** chm 1-1.5 hrs 10-200 2001/5that modern CHM practice often employs a narrower dose range than is appropriate in many cases. By reference to the historical literature and to clinical experience of prescribing CHM’s I conclude that some patients respond to doses that might be considered ineffectual in modern China, whilst others require doses in excess of the bencao recommendations.

Cong-zheng & the Gong-xia School 
Promotes the work of this famous Jin physician. 2 hrs ***-****

TCM Explanatory Models
Summarises research that helps validate TCM diagnostic models. 1-2 hrs ***-****. Based on my Masters thesis work of 2000.