Detailed CV

Here, for the terminally curious and with too much spare time, is a more detailed CV.

Summary Profile

An experienced and well-respected respected professional Chinese medicine physician, educator, published scholar and researcher :

Graduate of International College of Oriental Medicine

3yr full-time Bachelor-level professional acupuncture training BAc 1984 Accredited BSc at Bright Uni

Graduate of Bristol Univ. Medical School - BSc.(Hons) Physiology 1977

inc. biochemistry, pharmacology, neurophysiology & reproductive physiology

Diploma (distinction) in Chinese herbal medicine, School of CHM, London 1988

Taken after 4 yrs prior CHM self-study & practice

MSc (distinction) in Acupuncture Univ. of Wales/Northern College Acupuncture (NCA) 2000

The 1st distinction awarded in the UK at Masters-level in TCM

Senior lecturer (18 yrs) & MSc supervisor NCA, acupuncture & CHM diploma & MSc courses

As CHM course director created UK 1 institution-based CHM training

Appointed Reader in Chinese Medicine at the NCA 2002

Visiting lecturer (post-grad) & external examiner, Skolen for Akupunktur, Copenhagen 2000 - Present

Visiting post grad. lecturer acu. & CHM– College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading UK

Visiting lecturer Oslo Univ. BSc in Acupuncture 2009/2010

Director - Chester Clinic for Complementary Medicine established 1979. 1993 - Present

Member of the Research Committee of the British Acupuncture Council 2003 - 2010

External Examiner for MSc in CHM at the University of Westminster and University of East London 2004 - 2009 (& EE for MSc in Professional Practice 2004 - 2007)

Regular conference speaker and seminar presenter in UK and Europe

3 decades of experience have helped me build an excellent reputation as a TCM practitioner, scholar and educator with one of the largest practices in the North of England. I was one of the very first CHM practitioners in the UK. A biomedical scientific outlook combined with an abiding love of Chinese medicine and culture grounds my teaching and practice in rational principles whilst remaining faithful to the wisdom inherent in the Chinese medical tradition.