Experience in Education

Undergraduate Teaching

19 years experience writing and teaching the entire syllabus of 2 and 3-year post-grad courses in CHM.
Have taught and assessed many aspects of undergraduate acupuncture training, setting and marking exams, tests, assignments, etc.
Have taught unit on acupuncture to 5 year medical students at Liverpool medical school.
Excellent scores on formal student feedback in seminars and undergraduate courses..

Post-grad teaching & examining

As well as M-level EE work mentioned earlier have taught, supervised and marked at M-level on acupuncture and Chinese herbs courses at NCA for about 10 years and taught at M-level at Coventry and Chester Universities.

Professional Seminars & Conference Presentations

An experienced presenter I have delivered many one and two day seminars to TCM practitioners in UK and Europe. Delivered numerous papers and other presentations at both TCM and biomedical conferences. 

Education Administration

As course director from 1993 was responsible for syllabus & course documentation for NCA CHM course now accredited as MSc and have represented NCA at MSc and other validation inspections.
Member of various college and University exam boards in past 15 years
Attended many staff development conferences at NCA and completed their teaching skills in-house training.
External examiner and post-grad. Lecturer for Skolen for Akupunktur – Denmark since 2000