Re-Inspiring Your Needlework With Charles Buck - NOW FULLY BOOKED!

From April 06, 2019 10:00 until April 07, 2019 17:00
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Categories: Acupuncture

Acupuncturists are supposed to be experts in therapeutic stimulation but these technical skills are often insufficiently taught. This engaging workshop is delivered by veteran practitioner and educator Charlie Buck and will give you increased confidence in your clinical work.

In day one you get a concise review of needle technique as taught in China’s medical schools, including:

  • point palpation & needling depth
  • stages of needling & methods to obtain deqi
  • understanding & applying standard bu, xie & even techniques
  • psyche aspects & holding qi
  • considering “dose” in acupuncture

day two builds on the skills you gained in day one and includes explanations, demos and practice of more advanced techniques, including:

  • qi propagation methods
  • burning mountain needling
  • cool abyss needing
  • kan-li harmonisation needling

Using lecture, video and supervised practice Charlie has delivered this hugely popular seminar in small groups to over 1000 acupuncturists across the UK and EU.Feedback is consistently excellent from new graduates as well as from practitioners with decades of experience.

Feedback from Past Attendees

"Difficult to find fault , both content & presentation were excellent."  MD

"... esp. good was Charlie’s easy rapport with the group – his confidence without being super-egotistical. V. good Powerpoint and video demos of the different needling techniques."  SL

"the clarity of explanations was the best aspect for me"  YC

"EXCELLENT!"  David Mayor – Author of Electroacupuntcure

"Charlie’s grounded approach, putting acupuncture into clinical reality rather than theoretical hype."  EI

"Well-organized, great Powerpoint presentation and the films were really helpful too – laid back but with authority. Handouts very helpful. EXCELLENT!"  Angie Hicks CICM Principle

"very interesting – well done! RF • humour, wisdom and demystification"  Janice Booth – ex-BAcC Chair

"an excellent refresher with lots of new info."  EI

"Please pass on my appreciation to Charlie Buck – I learned so much just in one day and am looking forward to putting this new knowledge/skill into practice. Thank you."  JH

"V. informative. I spent some time doing post-grad training in China where some of these techniques were taught to me. However, I had ‘forgotten’ a lot of them, so it has inspired me to review my needling skills."  EGS

"An excellent day. Inspiring stuff which I have already incorporated into my practice. I’d happily recommend the day to fellow practitioners."  SK

"This could make a profound difference to my treatment style."  GHM