My Specialties


At Bristol I passed the medic's reproductive medicine modules plus further specialist units on this subject so I was delighted when patients started to seek my help with fertility in the 1980's. The results were good - many acheived natural pregnancy after many failed IVFs. Patients with endometriosis or PCOS often saw it cleared, ovulation restarted or sperm counts normalised by treatment. Research evidence supports this. To give sensible advice I ensure I am up to date with reproductive clinical science as well as research into the current TCM approaches. As one of the very first TCM physicians in the UK to specialise in this area I have taught fertility in seminars in the UK and the EU.


In 1990 paediatric dermatologists at Great Ormond Street Hospital began reporting good results in clinical trials using CHM prescriptions to treat childhood eczema. This led to an explosion of interest and I began to treat a great many patients with skin problems. Wanting to get good results I improved my skills in both TCM and western dermatology by self-study and by studying with Chinese medicine dermatologists - including the eminent Professor Li Lin of the Beijing Academy. I have learned many of the special skills required in TCM dermatology that are beyond the scope of basic undergraduate training.

Cancer Patient Care

In the 1980's our clinic also housed a charitable Cancer Help Centre and so I was frequently asked to help patients with this diagnosis. This was a big responsibility - I felt obliged to know about cancer in modern medicine, to know the TCM understanding and also be up to speed on modern research into the use of TCM to support cancer patients. This was a big task but my personal studies meant that for many years I was known as the practitioner most expert in this field in the UK. I have taught numerous seminars on TCM cancer patient care in the last 20 years in the UK and the EU. Like modern medicine, Chinese medicine never claims to offer sure-fire cancer cures, but there is good evidence of benefit. More detail on these specialties can be found on my clinic website:

Unexplained Ill Health

Modern medicine often struggles to understand patients with chronic ill-health; fatigue, odd pains, viral and immune illnesses, hormonal dysfunction, etc. TCM offers a fresh and wise perspective, TCM often has a solution where modern medicine has none. I have made a special study of the various styles of practice from Chinese medical history that have aimed to understand complex illness.