CHM Facts

Here you can get an overview of some CHM facts

CHM - the most evidence-based complement to modern medicine

China's national health service

  • employs 400,000 TCM Drs
  • has 3,200 TCM hospitals, as big as our teaching hospitals
  • 68,000 smaller regional hospitals providingTCM
  • treats 230 million patients per year using CHM & acu
  • to be promoted Drs must do research
  • 100+ TCM journals some with circulations of 300,000 - among the worlds largest

Chinese herb production

  • 350,000 tons of medical herbs are grown each year
  • annual world consumption of the herb dang gui is 12 million kilos
  • one wholesale herb market in Anhui turns over 6000 tons of herbs daily with an annual turnover of £1 billion
  • herb production, quality control and supply are government regulated
  • as a signatory to CITES heavy penalities are in place for illegal use of endangered species
  • CHM is served by numerous specialist herb processors, merchants and degree trained pharmacists

CHM Research

  • All of the 250+ commonly used herbs have been studied pharmacologically
  • their active ingredients have been identified and their chemical structure published
  • standard toxcitiy data is available
  • research databases hold clinical trial and clinical audit data on all common illnesses
  • evidence from tens of thousands of research studies supports the use of CHM for many illnesses
  • the prime US Cancer Research Charity the Slone-Kettering Foundation publishes a database of CHMs used in cancer care