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4 Decades as a Clinician, Educator & Author

Clinical Work

I’ve practised in Chester since 1984 and became director of The Chester Clinic in 1994, leading a team of about 12 practitioners, including my acupuncturist wife Marianne.

Authentic acupuncture and Chinese medicine is real medicine and makes great demands on its practitioners. We have to know modern biomedicine well and be fluent in the complexities of TCM too. My patients noticed my seriousness and this allowed me to become one of the busiest practitioners in the UK.

Rising to patient needs I raised my game when faced with large numbers of patients with particular challenges. From the mid ‘80’s I developed specialist expertise in fertility treatment, dermatology, complex illnesses and cancer patient support and I am grateful for the trust those 20,000 or so patients have placed in me.

Now I am moving towards retirement and seeing patients on just a couple days each week

My philosophy – Proudly Amateur!

Amateur comes from the Latin root ama meaning ‘to love’.

An amateur is someone who does something because he loves it so much - that’s me and I’m not ashamed to say so.

A professional is a person who does something as a means to make money...

“…I see myself as an amateur first and a professional second – indeed it might be my amateurism that makes me a good professional. I study and develop not because I am told to but because I love my vocation and want to continually improve my skills..”. from an article I published in The Acu Magazine Jan 2015